A downloadable game

GridRunner for the Commodore PET - Translated from the Commodore 64 version

- 100% machine language
- 31 intense levels
- Sound effects
- Joystick or Keyboard navigation
- Top 5 high scores ranked
- Works with the Colour PET!
- Source code included
- Zappers start in random position so each game begins differently.
- One file works on all 40 column Commodore PET versions.

This game is distributed for free with thanks to Jeff Minter for making it available.

May 18, 2022 - Now supports Stupid Pet Games joystick controller

May 25, 2022 - Fixed SPT joystick no fire bug (I hope)


source code.asm 62 kB
gridrunner v21.prg 6 kB


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Very nice!  Game runs great on my 4032.   Any chance of adding support for the Stupid Pet Tricks joystick adapter?   Here's the details to support it: check user port $E84F : Up (bit 3), Down (bit 4), Right (bit 2), Left (bit 1), Fire (bit 6)

It's already in the works. I thought it would work as is, as it does have a joy routine. Expect news shortly...

Awesome! I already modified my copy, but looking forward to seeing what you  come up with.. :D


Now available to download!